In the Theme-Subject Film you use an entire week to delve into the exciting world of movies.

You will be taught by Troels Engelbrect who has a professional background as a script writer and film creator. As such he has actual real life experience with all processes involved in film production.

That means that the classes will be based on hands-on learning derived from practical experience.

Making movies demand creativity, hard work and disciplin. But first and foremost movie making is about team work and collaboration. In this Theme-Subject you get an intense insight into how a film crew works and what questions you have to ask yourself as a movie maker.

Do you think that this Theme-Subject sounds interesting? Then maybe you would be interested in some of our other Theme-Subjects. You can choose between such subjects as OH!Cast, Architecture and Song Writing.

Do you want to watch some examples of former student movie projects? Go check them out at our YouTube channel.

A Theme-Subject differs from other subjects in that you have it for an entire week. A semester at Odder Folk High School consists of 3 module, during whig you have cases according to a regular weekly time table. However, when a module ends we have a Theme-Week where you choose one subject for the entire week, and then the next module begins.

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