The new EU member countries

Odder Højskole offers a course to International students each semester

We can support students from the 12 new EU member countries financially with scholarships from the Foundation of Odder Hojskole together with grants from our former students’ organization. We only have a limited number of these Cirius grants each semester.

When we have received your application and essay, we will consider whether we can offer you a scholarship from Odder Hojskole and a Cirius Grant. You wil receive an answer from us in one week.

  1. Your Study fee – spring 2024: 18.700 DKK
  2.  Your study fee – autumn 2024: 15.300 DKK.The study fee except the student’s part will be paid by scholarship from the Foundation of Odder Hojskole and the Grant scheme from our former student’s Organization. The study fee includes education, accommodation, all meals, cultural arrangements, and the study trip.

    The compulsory 5 days study trip to is included in the fee except for your meals during the trip.

    The students themselves have to pay the Application fee and the material fee.

  3. Application fee – spring/autumn 2024 = 1500 DKK
  4. Material fee – spring/autumn 2024 = 2000 DKK
  • The application fee has to be paid at latest 14 days after we have given you an answer at your application and send you the account.
  • The Study place will be guaranteed when the application fee is paid.
  • When we have received your application and accepted you as a new student we will send you the account and information about how to transfer the application fee.
  • The student’s part of the study fee has to be paid in the first week at the school.

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