Film & TV Production

In order to produce film and television you need to know the techniques behind. We have students who have tried a lot and some are beginners so we will meet you at your level and give you the tools that are necessary for you to carry out your film projects.

We work with

  • camera technique
  • sound,
  • light
  • scriptwriting
  • editing
  • storytelling
  • montage (as a form of narrative and theory)

There will be a lot of “hands on” work, however, there will also be lectures and film examples.

It all has to be applicable in the real world: you need to know about ethics, copyright, film law and about co-operation with different authorities. You will get to work as a “one-woman-band”, in film teams with one camera and you will also get to work with “multi-camera and TV production”. We work with professional equipment and edit with “Final Cut Pro”.

The Camera at Work

Film and TV Production is a producing elective that goes by the principle of learning by doing. You will get to make short film, documentaries and TV formats. Some assignments will be set subjects and others will be free assignments. While you produce you will learn about discipline, co-operation and routines that are closely linked film production.

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