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The School of Journalism & Storytelling presents a new way of imagining journalism. A new way in which you approach journalism in a more practical and creative way than traditionally.

At the School of Journalism & Storytelling we experiment with mixing media, and you will be presented with the ethical, aesthetical, technical and philosophical dilemmas of journalism.

The main subject of Journalism is about telling (news)stories in a new media reality in which writing, sound and visual effects mix and in which everybody can publish unfiltered and unedited content.

The C-subject Storytelling is not concerned with news but with fiction. However, it still approaches fiction with the same outlook as the main subject, which is that modern storytelling needs to be more aware and selective of media than ever before. Storytelling delves into fictional narratives in everything from poetry to film.

The School of Journalism & Storytelling contains additional subjects. However, not all subjects will be available in English.

OH!Blog At the centre of the new School of Journalism & Storytelling we find the new online magazine OH!Blog, which is the outlet for all our productions. Imagine OH!Blog as the anarchistic cousin of the official web page, where you can write about the things that interests you. OH!Blog will also be available for the other subjects at Odder Folk High School, as well as for external partners, teachers, board members, employees and NGOs so they can share their stories, be it through pictures, film, audio or in writing.

In addition to our regular subjects you can also choose our Ø-subject OH!Cast. An Ø-subject is different from other subjects in that you have it for an entire week. A semester at Odder Folk High School is made out of three modules in which you have regular classes. However, each time a module ends an Ø-week begins, which means one whole week of delving into one Ø-subject that you have chosen.

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