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Would you like to have the entire world as your professional playground, and would you like a global network? If yes, then the School for Journalism is the place for you. The subject challenges all your senses, your communication skills and your opinions, and the subject prepares you to travel and take part in how to organize the world.

Whether you aim at becoming a journalist, working for a NGO, a diplomat or just seeking adventure, you will get your suitcase filled with impressions and experiences that you can use later on in your professional life. Furthermore you will have the possibility to speak a lot of English and you will gain extensive knowledge about current political subjects in an international perspective.

The School for Journalism and Politics at Odder Hojskole is a modern project of formation. You will read, see and listen to international media and you will work with global communication. Are you ready for an eventful ride in the carousel of the world? Then join the ride! Odder Højskole guaranties that you will get an experience for life.

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