Music, Song and Dance
Music, Song and Dance

Odder Hojskole has everything your heart desires when it comes to music, singing and dancing.

You can enjoy playing as part of an ensemble or just have fun dancing or singing all day long. Here you can fill your entire schedule with music, singing and dancing. At the school you have the possibility to practice exactly what you are enthusiastic about, and at the same time you are never more than 25 minutes away from the musical scene of the city of Aarhus.


Here you have the time, the place and the possibility to work with music. In the different music classes you can practice your instrument when we play live music, you can produce your own tracks or try out your DJ skills when we produce electronic music.


Sing for fun or sing because you just can’t stop. If your goal is to find your own sound, you can get control of your singing techniques, and if you just want to sing all day long you have come to the right place too. You can excel as the lead singer in one of the school’s bands or you can participate in part-singing in the rhythmical choir and become absorbed in singing techniques and in training your voice. If you want to delve deep you also have the possibility to get individual classes on singing solo.


All rhythmical music is bodily at its core. Through the different dance classes at the school you will get a deep and broad insight into how the body responds to music. You will become acquainted with dances from all over the world. Whether you are advanced or a beginner in this area, we guaranty that there will be lots of sweat, laughing and body awareness.

In addition to our regular subjects you can also choose our Ø-subject Song Writing. An Ø-subject is different from other subjects in that you have it for an entire week. A semester at Odder Folk High School is made out of three modules in which you have regular classes. However, each time a module ends an Ø-week begins, which means one whole week of delving into one Ø-subject that you have chosen.

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