We will examine the following documentaries in the subject::

  • King of Kong”. A family dad who wants to beat the world record in the Donkey Kong retro game. Made almost like a fiction movie between good and evil. All the emotions of life are at stake.
  • The Work”. Ordinary citizens go into group therapy with serial killers and other criminals. Four days of group therapy that will change not only theirs but your world as well.
  • Jeg vil dø for min datter (I want to die for my daughter)”. A Danish man cut his neck in South America. He survives, after which he finds out that it is probably his ex-girlfriend who has ordered a lease on him. The documentary is made by Troels Engelbrecht, who teaches at the School of Film and TV Production.
  • Banksy’s Exit Through the Gift Shop”. The sought-after street-art artist makes art and fuss all over the world. Someone calls it vandalism. Banksy has spent 20 years learning his craft, others are filming YouTube and getting the fame in 20 seconds. Banksy asks, “What happened to our world?”

In addition, we will explore various psychological tools used in the documentary genre to enchant and manipulate the viewer.

We need to be touched. We MUST be annoyed! We must feel that we are alive!

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