In this Theme-Subject you use an entire week diving into the universe of the theatre. You will learn the most important tools in the arsenal of the theatrical actor. And you will probably try out new things you never knew you dared.

Although you do not have any of our other acting subjects you can still choose Theatre. Actually, it is a great opportunity if you are curious about the world of the theatre. In fact, it is the right subject for you if you are not afraid of a challenge.

The Theme-Subject is taught by our acting teacher Morten Lundgaard, who also teaches Video Art, Storytelling and much, much more.

Morten is originally educated as a visual artist, but has for many years worked as a director in Aarhus, and is also the artistic director of the theatre group Von Baden.

A Theme- Subject differs from other subjects in that it you have it for an entire week. A semester at Odder Folk High School consists of three module, in which you have classes according to a weekly schedule. Every time a module ends we have a Theme-Week, a week where you choose one subject to delve into before the next module begins. 

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