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At Odder Hojskole’s School of Design you can unleash your creativity and be innovative. The school prepares you for a future in the world of design, and during the classes you have the possibility to compose your own portfolio. Your starting point will be your personal taste, and you learn how to transfer your personality to design, clothes, innovation, and aesthetics.

Design everywhere

Design surrounds us everywhere: From perfumes to corkscrews, houses, hair clips, oven gloves, and streetlights. Every single little thing has been through a designer’s head and hands, and the phases and sources of inspiration of the design process are the core of the School of Design at Odder Hojskole. Depending on which design classes you attend, you will be challenged and expand your knowledge about how trends arise – not only within clothes and fashion, but within all types of products.

Choose your own combination of subjects

Whether you want to create the trends of tomorrow, break the power of fashion, or you are just fascinated by objects that surround you, the School of Design at Odder Hojskole is a possibility for you. You plan your own combination of subjects, and you can either choose to select a lot of different design classes or combine design with other classes from the different schools at Odder Hojskole. Overall Odder Hojskole offers more than 60 classes to choose from.

In addition to our regular subjects you can also choose our Ø-subjects Architecture, Crafts and Ceramics. An Ø-subject is different from other subjects in that you have it for an entire week. A semester at Odder Folk High School is made out of three modules in which you have regular classes. However, each time a module ends an Ø-week begins, which means one whole week of delving into one Ø-subject that you have chosen.

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