Folk High School Facilities

The eldest buildings of the school dates back to 1889 when the school was founded. Throughout the years these buildings have been modernized and extended, and during recent years, we have – among other things – build a new student wing, a music studio and renovated and extended our many folk high school facilities.

The school is situated in the town of Odder surrounded by a closed off park with a beautiful garden. The school is close to both beaches, woods and the city of Aarhus nearby.

We have our own sports centre, beach volley court, shelters, fitness facilities and a wide range of classrooms. All the classrooms and workshops are free to use for students after classes.

If you wish to read more about the specific folk high school facilities of each subject, you can read all about each subject on our web page.


Odder Hojskole has four different student halls with rooms of different types. The majority of the rooms have their own toilet and bath facilities. However, one student hall (50 Hall) have communal toilet facilities. You can see pictures from the different halls and rooms below.


The 300-Hall is Odder Højskole’s newest student wing. It was build in 2013 and has 16 bright and spacious double rooms, all of which have individual shower and toilet facilities. In addition to this the 300-Hall has a bright and inviting common room with exit to a terrace and a football field.


100 & 200-Halls

The 100 & 200-Halls are two identical halls running parallel to one another. Every hall contains 13 double rooms and 2 single rooms, all of which have individual toilet and shower facilities. Both halls have a communal tea kitchens and common rooms plus an exit to the terrace.

100 & 200-Halls


The 50-Hall is the oldest student wing, located on the first floor. It is filled with the essence of coziness and contains 6 double rooms and 1 single room. All the rooms have individual showers and a sink. However, the 50-Hall is different from the other student halls in that it has communal toilet facilities. The student wing has French windows and a cozy common room with TV and a tea kitchen.


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