In Front of the Camera

In Front of the Camera is the subject that seeks out the truly great acting.

You learn how to act on screen. It doesn’t matter if it is on the silver screen or the screen of an Ipad. We seek out the practical difference between stage acting and screen acting, and we delve into some of the great examples of the craft.

Because film history is filled with actors who understood exactly how to act on screen. Actors who understood how to create presence, intimacy and absence when facing a camera.

If you dream of becoming a Studio Host this subject is just for you. It would be a great advantage to mix this subject together with the school’s big acting subject, but you can also take it if you dream of working in the media business.

In this class you til be taught by Morten Lundgaard, who also teaches Storytelling, Theatre and much, much more! When he is not at the school he works as a stage director in Aarhus.

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