Who are we?

The four corners of the world are moving closer together. A vast amount of pictures and stories are rushing towards us from all over the globe. Cultures mix, new innovations astound and the possibilities for each individual have never been greater. We are, so to say, in the middle of the future. That is our starting point here at Odder Højskole.

We believe that it is important to gain a true sense of perspective, connection and immersion in a world in constant change. With a heavy focus on academia, community, and appreciation of life you will get the best opportunity to learn and develop. You will encounter competent and enthusiastic teachers and a bunch of other curious people. It is very important for us to be a melting pot of different cultures. That is why we have students from all over the globe at every semester, and as a result Danish and English are both important parts of our daily lifes.

Odder Højskole was founded in 1889. We don´t have a unilateral political or religious orientation, but we know from experience that focusing on academia within a good and supportive environment always give good results.

Ceativity and self-confidence.
Enlightenment and skills
Conversations and opinions
Skills – For life

These are essential words to describe the Folk High School that we are running.

It is an education without exams but filled with substance.

Welcome to your future.
Welcome to Odder Højskole.

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