It all starts with pencil, charcoal, chalk or ink that meets the paper.


In this one-week intense course for architecture you get a glimpse into a world of utter beauty, of lines and much more!

And it really is all about the lines. It is all about the light and the shadows, shapes and materials too. It is about the space. It is…

Architects consider many things at the drawing table. Important proportions form part of a correlation and are key factors for the expression of the house, the tower or the bridge.

We step into this world and study the artistic effects: What is it that makes the buildings something special? Why do we see some buildings as powerful and other buildings as grey and boring?

Because buildings are anything but boring! They are symbols of human creativity, and they all tell a story! Some buildings are meant to be imposing and frightening, some are meant to inspire hope. Some buildings are just meant to be practical, while others try to mix the practical with the beautiful.


In this course for architecture you get a basic introduction into some of the ideas and concepts of architecture! In order to get this subject you must attend one of our long courses.

This subject is a Theme-Subject, which means that it is a one-week intense subject that you can choose once during your long course at Odder Folk High School. You can spend the rest of the long course doing subjects related to Architecture, like Drawing or Creativity and Form.

You can read all about our long courses here. By following that link you can also sign up for one of our long courses.

We look at how the ideas of the time periode shape the cities from the general whole to the small details. We work theoretically as well as practically with sketches, drawings and three-dimensional models.

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