What is a long course?

Are you ready for a completely new experience? Well then, a Folk High School semester might be exactly what you need!

A long course at Odder Folk High School lasts between 18 – 22 weeks. In autumn you start in August on our 18-week course. In spring you start in January on the 22-week course.

You live, eat, learn, party, and have a good time at the Folk High School where the days are filled with exciting classes, cultural experiences, and activities for both mind and body. You become part of a unique community, you train your English skills, and you get friends for life – and from all over the globe.

A Folk High School semester consists of weeks in which you have five different subjects pr. week. However, a long course also consists of 3 theme weeks in which you choose one subject to focus on for an entire week.

All students take part in the one-week study trip, usually to some European city or capitol. Each Wednesday we have High School Evening, which can be anything from lectures on psychology or anthropology to concerts, visits to a museum or maybe a trip to the theater or a dance performance. Not to mention all the parties and events that you and all the other students will put together during your long course.

At Odder Folk High School, we celebrate diversity, and we look forward to you contributing with everything that is you.You can be yourself in our community. This is why our motto is:

Become who you are!

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School of Film and TV Production

School of Sports and Fitness

School of Drawing and Art

School of Journalism and Storytelling

School of Design

School of Music, Song and Dance

School of Body and Mind

Start spring 2024

22 weeks (7th of January – 8th of June) 

Start autumn 2024

18 weeks (11th of August – 14th of December)

Start spring 2025

22 weeks (5th of January – 7th of June)

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