Escape Room


If you want to try something a bit out of the ordinary, here is the subject for you! In this Theme Subject we use an entire week designing and building our very own Escape Room.

In order to do that we examine a wide range of escape rooms. We do so in order to get a sense of how a good interactive experience is constructed. How do you make the participants follow the clues you have laid out? How difficult does the puzzle have to be? How do you tell you story that’s easy to follow? Can you use game-theory when creating an escape room or do you have to start from the bottom?

There are plenty of questions, and you are very welcome to try and answer them in our Theme Subject Escape Room.

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A Theme- Subject differs from other subjects in that it you have it for an entire week. A semester at Odder Folk High School consists of three module, in which you have classes according to a weekly schedule. Every time a module ends we have a Theme-Week, a week where you choose one subject to delve into before the next module begins. 

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