In Gaming, we almost work archeologically when we dig into the history of computer games. We play lots of games, and take a closer look at the cultural, societal, and technological significance of gaming.

We look at how the socio-cultural significance of gaming has evolved since the beginning? A game like Minecraft meant that communities emerged that made impressive works within the game’s own logic, and in many other games, markets have emerged where, for example, skins can be bought and sold for large amounts. In this way, gaming has become the subject of both individual and community-creating identity markers.

We trace the technological development through the graphics. Here it quickly becomes clear how the overall technological development in society runs in parallel with the graphic expression of the games. In this way, gaming is linked to, for example, the US military and the software that pilots train for.

Finally, we focus on the stories that form the basis of the storytelling that makes gaming a mirror of society. We start in the Cold War, where the American warriors are often big and handsome, while the Russian troops are robotic and hideous. We lead the thread up to today’s gaming, which follows the currents of society, among other things by letting more and more female main characters appear.

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