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Technology builds the future

Technology builds the future

Technology is all around us. In our phones, cars, games, robots – in our everyday life.

If you want to completely understand technology – and be able to master it – you have to look at what programming is and what it can do. You have to gain knowledge about the basic building blocks.

At Odder Højskole’s technology line you get and understanding of programming, robotics, computer games, technology and design.

  • Algorithmic thinking
  • Robotics
  • Computer games and eSport
  • Input/output
  • App design
  • Data structure

OH!Tech can be the place where you start your future and where you help develop the future for everyone else. You can chose every one of the three subjects at OH!Tech, or you can chose some of them and then mix it up with some of the many other subjects at Odder Højskole.

In addition to the three subjects, you can choose to spend an entire week looking into and creating your very own escaperoom as a part of the Ø-subject EscapeRoom. Ø-subjects happens three times during a semester, and it means that for an entire week you only have one subject to really delve into.

In addition to our regular subjects you can also choose our Ø-subject EscapeRoom. An Ø-subject is different from other subjects in that you have it for an entire week. A semester at Odder Folk High School is made out of three modules in which you have regular classes. However, each time a module ends an Ø-week begins, which means one whole week of delving into one Ø-subject that you have chosen.

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