Programming at Odder Folk High School is the ideal subject if you would to occupy both hands and mind with technology. We travel into – and behind – the many intricate and creative nooks and crannies of information technology.

IT and computer technology is around us everywhere. In our phones, cars, games, robots – in our work life and private life and everywhere in between. A precondition for understanding and navigating this information technology is a fundamental understanding of what programming is. And how the basic building blocks of programming functions.

In this subject we work with concepts like variables, algorithms, input/output, micro computers and the interplay between digital units and the physical world.

Hands-on programming

You will work hands-on with BBC Micro:bit. The Micro:bit has inbuild censors and can be easily programmed for all sorts of things. You can combine movement, temperature and light with sound and use Bluetooth to communicate with the world around you.

It will all be programmed via a visual programming tool where the creative challenges are awaiting your attention.

Does this sound interesting? Then you will love our many other subjects. At Odder Folk High School you can put combine subjects just as you please, and we have more than 80 subjects to choose from, such as OH!Tech, FoodX and Journalism.

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