If you want to prepare for a life in media and communication, or you want to be able to analyse and understand politics, news and how the world works, journalism is an elective for you.

We read, watch and listen to international media and we meddle in the international debate. We look closer at the many different media platforms and their importance for the development of the world. Can Facebook and TV bring down regimes, and how do you communicate to an entire world at the same time?

However, first of all we work practically with writing, blogging and producing. The goal is that you will get better at communicating to and in a global world, and that you will learn how to master the communication on the media platforms that control the world.

Journalism at Odder Højskole is also a great starting point if you want to apply for the Danish Journalism studies. We prepare you for the tests and you learn to write different genres of journalism.

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