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Are you curious? Are you wondering? Do you want to learn the craft that is journalism? Do you dream of improving your skills at communicating through writing, videos, pictures, and podcast? Then perhaps our subject Journalism is the thing for you. It doesn´t matter if you want to become a journalist or if you just want to improve your communication skills, everybody is welcome

The subject will be full of journalistic productions, critical perspectives, and insight into the world of media. We are going to be creative, stick to deadlines, discuss journalism and most importantly we are going to practice, fail and practice some more.

If you dream of becoming a journalist, we can adjust the course in order to prepare you for exams.

We are going to write, film, record and publish!

From day one we throw ourselves into the world of journalism. We will meet people, listen to their stories, convey them online, either through podcasts, videos or through pictures. We will show our productions to each other, and we will learn from one another. With journalism as a tool, we will explore the other subjects of the school, and we will publish our productions for the world to enjoy. We will create content individually, in groups and as an entire class, and we will learn the noble art of giving and receiving feedback. The school´s new online magazine OH!Blog will be at our disposal for us to publish our productions! OH!Blog is the anarchistic cousin of the official web page, and on it we can write and give the magazine our own touch when it comes to politics, portraits, debate, sports, gaming and culture.

The journalistic toolbox

As time goes by your toolbox will be so full of journalistic tools that you can create amazing journalism and choose the right platforms for your distribution without even thinking about it. Among other things we will delve into interview techniques, source criticism, angles, creative development and how to target your audience. We will also cover topics such as news, reporting, portraits, columns, and much, much more.


We will discuss journalism and get familiar with media

When we aren´t producing we will look at what others have produced and discuss journalism and media. What are the characteristics of different media and how are they affecting journalism? How is the Danish media landscape affecting our democracy? What are the powers of modern media? We look at the news and put them into perspective. We delve into the reality that is created through media and the impact of media into shaping our sense of what is real. We will discuss the ethics of journalism – How do you get your story out there without compromising the ethics of journalism? What significance does it have that everybody can share stories without any filters or editing? We look at ourselves and discuss how we at Odder Højskole can create journalism that actually matters.

We will visit and be visited

We will throughout the semester visit people who work with journalism each day. We will visit the editorial staff of both smaller and larger Danish media and learn from their daily practices. We will also be visited by journalists, podcast producers, tv producers and editors who will teach us about their work.

So when we say, that you can learn journalism here, we really mean it!

If you want to create podcasts to get your stories out there, try our podcast Theme-Subject OH!Cast! In this subject you spend a week learning how to produce and publish your own podcasts.

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