Body & Mind
It's about your life

It’s about your life

The body and mind are two sides of the same coin – namely of you. Sometimes the two sides work well together. Then there is peace and balance. Other times they bristle in different directions, and this can cause uneasiness, doubt, and confusion. It is completely natural, and everyone knows it. As an international student, you can choose several subjects where you can work with the connection between body and mind, and where you get time to explore and immerse yourself in it.

What do you get from it?

You become more aware of what you can do with your body and what it tells you. The body tells us when we need to economize our energy differently and go up or down a gear – we just must listen. If you are ‘driving’ in the right gear, there is process in your life as opposed to idling or speeding. And when you know how to prioritize your efforts, you have the energy you need.
We often know what needs to be done, but we ignore the signals and continue from there. In the ‘body and mind’ subjects you learn to listen properly when your body speaks to you.

Introverted and extroverted

The subjects give you tools you can use at study or work, and when you must be alone or social. Some of us love large gatherings, others feel more secure in close relationships. Most of us would like to function well in both contexts – and be able to enjoy alone time and silence. At the ‘højskole’ you are surrounded by many people with whom you must relate and work together. It can be challenging and a daily exercise. In the classes we consciously work to find the balance between being outward- and inward looking. In this way, you avoid draining yourself of energy. And if you are one of those who think it can be just as challenging to be in a room with yourself, you will get plenty of inspiration to enjoy that too.

You get to see yourself from new angles, and you learn more about who you basically are. The subjects give you focus, inner calm and an overview instead of a multitude of thoughts. We all need that in a stressful everyday life.


The ‘Body and Mind’ class has its own building with a beautiful, bright hall. Here there is room for calm, contemplation, and lots of movement.

We emphasize aesthetics, and we use yoga mats and meditation cushions made from natural materials and of high quality. We have everything you need in the classes, but you are of course welcome to bring your own yoga equipment if you wish.

In the house we have many different tools: massage balls, foot rollers, delicious massage oils, and books on the subjects we work with. You will be introduced to the tools in the classes, and if you enjoy using them, you can buy them with a discount in our shop.

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Kirsten Sander Østergaard

Teaches Massage, Walking & WellbeingBody and Silence, Winter Bathing and Yoga.

Kirsten has been a teacher at Odder Folk High School since 1990. She puts great emphasis on training both body and consciousness focusing in equal parts on silence, power, creativity and passion. She wishes to give each student space to personal growth as well as natural and authentic expression in our beautiful surroundings.

Kirsten Oh
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