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How do you deal with a crisis in a large company? How do you communicate to a specific target group? What is good communication? What is bad communication? Communication is everywhere, and in this subject we dive into the different effects of the words that we choose to use. We look at communication on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, in commercials, in the public system, in start-ups, in large companies, at university, and much, much more.

If you would like to learn communication, and if you would like to improve your communication skills, this subject is just for you. You will get practical experience with communication in all shapes and sizes, and we will be visited by communication officers from large companies and public institutions.

During your classes in this subject you might end up writing something so great, that it has to be shared by others. You can publish your own writings or productions on the school´s own online media OH!Blog.

If you find Communication interesting, you might also find our other subjects interesting. At Odder Folk High School you have the possibility to delve into more than 80 subjects! Choose between subjects such as Film and TV Production, Sport & Fitness, Clothing Design, and much, much more!

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