Clothing Design

Do you have a dream of being educated within the line of fashion? Or do you just love beautiful clothes? No matter what the answer is there is room for your ideas and expressions in the subject Clothing Design. The starting point is your personal taste and what you already can do. This means that beginners as well as experienced students can attend this course.

We work with the entire process – from choice of inspiration until sewing the clothes. You will become familiar with:

  • Trends and sources of inspiration
  • Drawing and illustration
  • Construction of a collection
  • Development of models
  • Construction of patterns
  • Measuring
  • Adjustment of patterns
  • Different sewing techniques

Fashion and individualism

One of the most important trends in fashion is individualism. Instead of one fashion style each season there are now many different trends simultaneously. This makes room for personality and dissimilarity in the way we dress. Because of this, we work with many styles in clothing design.

An exercise could be to design three sets of clothes based on your own ideas of materials or based on a professional trend. Another exercise could be creating a unique dress. Through the entire course you will receive individual guidance in your assignments as well as guidance in your personal creations.

The course culminates with a fashion show where you are the designer, the stylist and maybe also the model. Clothing Design aims at joining design schools and schools in needlework in Denmark as well as abroad. You can get help to make a portfolio.

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