Ceramics (Theme Subject)


The foundation of ceramics is knowledge of materials and techniques.

Thats why in this Theme Subject you will be encounter some of the most popular ceramic techniques such as the pottery wheel, extruding, and much, much more. You will also be taught how to decorate, place and burn your pottery, both in theory and in practice.

Unlike the big Ceramics subject you will create larger ceramics pieces in this subject. It takes concentration, commitment, technical knowhow and, most importantly, a feel for the craft.

If you think this subject sounds exciting you will definitely like our other creative subjects such as Clothing Design, Architecture and Drawing.

A Theme Subject is a subject unlike other subjects in that you only have them for one week. A semester at Odder Folk High School consists of 3 modules in which you hav classes according to a weekly time table. Every time a module ends a Theme Week begins, a week where you choose ONE theme subject for the entire week. And then the next module begins.

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