A painter, a designer, an architect, a graphic designer, an animator or a painter in your spare time. What all of these professions have in common is the challenge of drawing and the joy of experiencing and describing a form with their own hands.

It all begins with a pencil, drawing charcoal, chalk or lettering pen that meets the paper. It is in this process of drawing that ideas are born and take a visual form. The good drawing is the basis for creativity and a goal in itself. Step by step you will be introduced to classic techniques and different drawing materials. The classes vary between set exercises and free exercises.

In the set exercises you explore and cultivate the simple principles of drawing: the line, the surface, the construction, the movement and the spaces in between. In the free exercises your starting point might be your own imagination, and you might experiment with your own ideas and projects. Also you will choose techniques and materials yourself.

Guidance from the first line drawn

During the entire process we work with basic challenges in pictures such as composition, perspective, proportion and contrast. At the same time we explore the strengths and possibilities of different drawing materials. During the course you will be guided and helped form the first line drawn. In this way you become better at controlling the drawing process and adding expression to your drawings.

With the subject “drawing” you achieve a fundament and methods which you can keep on working with on your own. If you intend to apply for a School of Design or a School of Architecture, an Academy of fine Arts or a graphic media education you will get basic tools and inspiration which you can use later, and you can make your own portfolio.

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