In Storytelling we work with fictional narratives in everything from poetry to film.

We delve into the world of fiction, we write poetry, texts, and manuscripts. We learn how to write moving stories from the createst writers, directors, poets, and song writers.

We also take a greater look at the different kinds of media to use when the narratives need to move us as recipients. We will explore the worlds of fiction and seek to locate the DNA of what makes a good story.

By writing and telling stories we recreate the world as a place fit for living. Texts allow us to ask questions, to create hope, and to express sorrow. Texts allow us to pour something of ourselves into the world, something that may outlive us and may install a sense of humanity and belonging in others. Writing, in all its mystical magic, makes us more than ourselves.

Writing is an incredibly complicated, fascinating and deeply human activity. It helps us make sense of the world, it makes us part of the great human experience, and it makes us a part of something greater than ourselves! It makes us more than simply human; it transforms us into Humanity.

During the classes you might end up creating a story so good it needs to be shared by others. You can do that on the school´s own online media platform OH!Cast.

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