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School of Food
We taste the world!

We taste the world!

At the School of Food, we are together to create the meal. We work with the raw materials to transform them into delicious dishes that can be made for little money in the most simple college kitchen. And of course with respect for the good workmanship!

Food awakens the senses with taste, scent and aesthetics. Cooking with others is great. Eating together and gathering around a delicious meal is nice and something very special. And then it’s interesting because there are many feelings and memories associated with food. We delve into our own and others’ food cultures and give our interpretation of dishes we already know or become familiar with.

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Hanne Krogh

Teaches in FoodX, Grill, and EcoX.

Hanne is educated in food and nutrition.
Has worked as kitchen manager at Odder Højskole for 10 years. Next to her job as kitchen manager, she has taught in all the food subjects the last 8 years.

Previous experience in providing socio-economic restaurant and own business with food and team building.

When the meal brings together people and reaches taste and good craftsmanship and high nutrition, the goal is achieved. And when all the senses are in play and memories and curiosity roar in each student, it is amazing!

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