The kitchen at Odder Hojskole

Who wants to attend a folk high school, if the food is not okay?

– It is at Odder Hojskole!

The food is a lot of vegetables, fresh fish, delicious cakes, slowly boiled meat with amazing gravy, winter soups and warm bread with a crispy crust. Roasted and salted nuts, Japanese seaweed, summer berries and spicy chutneys. We make cinnamon syrup and bake apples from our local supplier of apples. We cherish our famous salad bar with the many vegetables, colors and tastes.

We cook the food, we like because it tastes the best! We experiment with cuisines from all the corners of the world and show our respect for the Danish recipes from the good old days. We prefer the best produce of the season, and we often choose organic.

We do not necessarily love criticism, but we cannot live with your stomach and taste buds complaining. That is why, we respectfully receive praise and complaints.

We are a food team with professional pride and critical taste buds.

We believe in food bringing us together in the breathing space of everyday life. It provides a kick, making us happy, satisfied and able to unfold and be challenged in what, we are doing.

The food at Odder Hojskole is something to look forward to. To talk about. A memory of a well-known dish from back then, a boost for the taste buds.

Bon appetite!

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