What is a long course?

A long course at Odder Hojskole lasts between 18 and 22 weeks. In autumn you can start in August at our 18 week’s course and in January you can start at our 22 week’s course.

You live, eat, learn, “hygger”, party and grow academically at the folk high school and the days are full of interesting lectures, cultural experiences and activites for both your mind and your body. You will become part of a unique community and get friends for the rest of your life.

In a long course you have normal weeks where you have your schedule with 5 different subjects. But you also have 3 theme weeks where you chose one subject to immerse yourself in. We all go together on a one week study trip – usually to a European capital, and each Wednesday we have our folk high school nights, which can be lectures on anthropology, concerts, visits to museums or maybe to a dance- or regular theater. And then we haven’t even mentioned all the arrangements that you make yourself with all the other students at our folk high school.

At Odder Hojskole we celebrate diversity, and we look forward to you bringing everything that is you. You can be yourself in our community. That’s why our motto is “Become who you are”!

Start spring 2021

18 weeks (10th of January) SOLD OUT

Start autumn 2021

22 weeks (8th of August)  

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