It all starts with pencil, charcoal, chalk or ink that meets the paper.


People have always been fascinated by accessories, and as long as people have existed so have the accessories! The ancient romans had them, the greeks too. Today, they are a natural part of our outfits!

Your gender doesn’t matter, anyone can use accessories, and more and more people are!

We surround ourselves with them all the time! They are all around us. They are beautiful, and they tell stories about the people who put them on. Sometimes they are provocative, sometimes political, and sometimes they are simply beautiful and decorative. An accessory is worth a thousand words!

Why not make them yourself?

Starting with different textile printing techniques and a mix of different materials, this course is about creating “jewels” for your clothing and your surroundings. Thingamabobs, brooches, chains, accessories for your head and hair, belts, shawls, bags, pillows and so on. We will do research, develop ideas and make sketches.


The class will be taught by Ellen Gerd , who is one of the teacher of our School of Design. She has years of experience when it comes to designing, creating and teaching!

Ellen is a graduate from the  danish Design School in Kolding!

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